FoxPush Opt-Out

FoxPush complies with the EU’s GDPR and constantly work on improving our internal process to insure the security and the rights protection of our Customer and End-users when it comes to data.

When you subscribe to a website using FoxPush technology, we collect on behalf of this website non-identifiable data such as browsing behavior in order for the website to send you relevant push notification content. This does not include any personal data such as (Name, email address, credit card details,…etc).

However, as an end-user you have the write to opt-out from receiving these web push notification, and be forgotten. To do that, please follow the bellow instructions:

WebPush Opt-Out

Web notifications are a permission-based service comes natively from your browser. If you receive annoying notificaions and wanna opt-out from the service this can be done directly from your browser.

Please select your browser from the below list:

If your browser is not listed here please contact us at [email protected]


FoxPush and our business partners may use pseudonymous information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) based on your online activity to help make the web notfications or other FoxPush products you see receive relevant to you. Click here to learn more about our privacy policy.

Opting out of the FoxPush does not mean you will no longer receive web push notifications from FoxPush or other suppliers. It does mean that FoxPush will no longer be able to deliver notifications tailored to your web preferences and usage patterns.

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